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Weatherfronts -eBook

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FREE -Weatherfronts eBook. Stories and Poems of Climate Change

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Climate Change and the Stories we tell.

That humans can be moved by stories and poems much more than by facts is behind this collection of work by 12 very different writers and poets. They write about climate change in a way meant to knock readers out of a state of complacency or numbness. The idea is – to reach the parts of people's brains that scientists and politicians cannot reach!

If there is a common theme to these powerful pieces it is that their scale is personal. As Peter Gingold, Director, Tipping Point, says: "This most grandiose and abstract subject is experienced at a very personal level, making demands on the way we live with partners, friends, neighbours and communities. This must be fruitful."

Weatherfronts: climate change and the stories we tell brings together two previous publications only available as PDFs in one e-book.

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