Book Ordering

You can order books directly from us.

These are priced substantially lower than in retail bookshops however we have to add the cost of post & packing which will vary depending on the number and size of books and their final destination. Please ask us first for an exact quote (postage is free on orders greater than £50). Delivery time is 5-10 working days from order and we will keep you informed by email as to the progress of your order.

To order your book(s) please complete the following form and we will get back to you with information on how to pay (invoice, cheque, PayPal, BACS) and delivery costs.

Book Order Form
  •   Stormteller by David Thorpe - £6.50
      The Border Reiver by Nick Christofides - £9.99
      Single or Double? by Julia Horton-Powdrill - £7.99
      Poems, Parkinson's the Police & Me by Hywel Griffiths - £6.50
      To Dylan by Robert Gurney - £6.50
      The Baltic Falcon by Lynn Williams - £17.50
      The Commonwealth Games - The Welsh Perspective by Myrddin John - £22.50
      The Journal of Penrose by Terry Breverton - £12.50
      Physicians of Myddfai by Terry Breverton - £12.50
      Knotwork by Helen Adam - £10
      The Legacy of Carpocrates by Osman Khareef - £8.50
      Business Networking for the bewildered by Andy Pope - £7.50
      Life your Life by Laurence Winmill - £7.50
      Marcism Today by Marc Mordey - £6.50
      The Tinker Girl by Mhari Matheson - £14.99
      Blessed are Cracked by Delphine Richards - £10
      Anna from Hay by Ken James - £12.50
      Memoirs of the Iodine Surgeon by Chris Stretton - £14.50
      Surfing through Minefields by Bel Roberts - £6.50
      Anarchy in a Cold War by Kurtis Sunday - £6.50
  • If you have any questions, difficulties or concerns please don't hesitate to get in touch.