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  • We publish in hardcover, paperback, pdf, and eBook formats.
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Cambria Publishing evaluates a proposal on the basis of some sample chapters, or preferably an entire manuscript within 1-3 weeks using our team of ‘readers’.

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The author must provide content from word processed files. Cambria Publishing then edits and professionally prepares print-ready copy using advanced book design software. We offer a  custom design full-colour cover service for books.

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The Wedding Thief

The Wedding Thief begins in the glamorous world of upmarket country weddings and leads us to the claustrophobic life of a religious cult.

ISBN: 978-0-9957601-2-7

Price 10 GBP + P&P

Click here for more info and to BUY

The Mondegreen Affair

The new novel by Lloyd Rees. Luke Mondegreen wants to be a writer. He also wants to go on an exciting journey. He wants to avoid the cliches of thriller novels in his writing but he wants to experience those cliches in real life.

ISBN: 978-1-8384289-9-0

Pages 246

£10 + P&P

More info and to BUY

The Light from the Stone

A fantasy novel for those with an interest in nature and environmental issues, folklore, evolution and or religion/spirituality.

ISBN: 978-1-9164532-1-0

Price 10GBP+P&P

Click here for more info and to BUY

Resolution of Stars

'Resolution of Stars' is the sequel to 'Doom of Stars' by prolific master SciFi author Martyn Rhys Vaughan.

ISBN: 978-0-9574894-4-8

12GBP + P&P

Click here for more info and to BUY

A Swansea Child

An Inspector Rumsey Bucke story. More 19th century Swansea mayhem and murder from Geoff Brookes.

Print ISBN 978-0-9928690-5-2

Price 12.99 + P&P

Click here for more info and to BUY


Iant Evans was born to live a quiet life…but history dictated otherwise. Blinded by gas whilst fighting in Salonika in Greece during WW1, Welshman Iant Evans falls in love with a Greek nurse whom he promises to marry after the war.

ISBN: 978-1-8384289-7-6

8 GBP + P&P

Click here for more info and to BUY

On the Border

A coming of age saga from Cari Davies

Through heartache and drama, Megan discovers there’s no easy answer. No easy way to make choices, either. Particularly when fate will keep interfering...

ISBN 978-1-8384289-4-5

£10 + P&P

Click here for more info and to BUY

Self System and the Unconscious

The sequel to The Mystery Beyond Knowledge

This book and its precursor - The Mystery Beyond Knowledge - are among the most original, intellectually probing and deeply considered texts of contemporary metaphysics and epistemology.

Price 15 GBP +P&P

Click here for more info and to BUY


Relic Hunter

Follow the adventures and tribulations of an archeologist Knights Templar across time and continents in search of the ultimate treasure - the Holy Grail.


Loss is More

The new novel of war time tragedy and suffering by the author of Hymns and Barriers. Phil Morgans.



Book Reviews

Average rating: 5 based on 6 reviews

Iant-Steve Blandford


Blandford creates characters and situations that come to life, and if you’re one who loves war stories, especially ones of love and lost innocence, then read this review.

Resolution of Stars

Resolution of Stars

I am so excited to have been given the chance to review this book, as I read and reviewed the first installment, "Doom of Stars". Both of them are incredible books - Resolution of Stars is a highly worthy sequel.

Betsy Roberts

The many excellent reviews of Betsy Roberts from a recent blog tour can be downloaded here

The Mondegreen Affair

The Mondegreen Affair

I like this slightly surreal, trippy journey, with Luke Mondegreen. He’s eccentric and weird and finds himself hilarious. Alive with comedic voices and hand-led by a wink and cheeky quip, The Mondegreen Affair is a yarn well spun; I think I shared the smirks the spinner grinned, whilst spinning it. Interestingly, the depths of thought continued in me, long after the smiles had faded, and I found myself going back to find certain things to go over a second or third time.

The Wedding Thief

The Wedding Thief

“A beautifully observed, moving and engrossing novel - at times hilarious and at other times heartbreaking. I was captivated.”