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Grave Tales from Wales

Grave Tales from Wales is a sequel to the popular Stories in Welsh Stone, by Geoff Brookes. Gravestones from across Wales provide a remarkable window into the past.

ISBN: 978-1-8384289-2-1

£12 + P&P

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Devouring Darkness


Short and terrifying stories by master SciFi storyteller Martyn Rhys Vaughan.


Beyond Closure

The new novel of relationships by Valerie Norris author of In the Long Run and The April Letters


ISBN 978-1-8382805-8-1

£12 + P&P

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Our Lady of Mumbles

The second crime novel in the Inspector Rumsey Bucke series finds him investigating a dangerous and murderous apocalyptic religious cult, ‘Our Lady of Mumbles’, in dissolute and riotous nineteenth century Swansea.

ISBN: 978-1-8380752-9-3

Pages 356


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I of Modern Nature

New poetry by Richard Wheeler

ISBN 978-1-8384289-8-3


On the Border

A coming of age saga from Cari Davies

Through heartache and drama, Megan discovers there’s no easy answer. No easy way to make choices, either. Particularly when fate will keep interfering...

ISBN 978-1-8384289-4-5


Book Reviews

Average rating: 5 based on 3 reviews

Hideous Night

Hideous Night

5.0 out of 5 stars Science Fiction at its best! I was hooked from the first page, and it was difficult to put down. It pushes theoretical physics to the limit and beyond, as the main characters become caught up in a conflict that threatens the very existence of humanity.
It was a very enjoyable read, and for action buffs there is plenty of it, but at the same time the characters seemed real, and I especially appreciated the descriptive passages which give an insight into what makes them tick.

Doom of Stars

So, it is a matter of sifting through the mediocre and drab to find something slightly different. And this is one of those books.
This book has a twist because not only is it post-apocalyptic, but it is on the verge of the complete cataclysmic end of the human race. Entering the already dystopian future the author paints, you have to admire the skill in which he immediately draws the reader into the narrative. 4 out of 5 Stars. Net Galley reviewer.

Doom of Stars

It’s a hoary old chestnut to suggest that writers create their own worlds but in the case of Martyn Rhys Vaughan that is certainly the case and then some. He is an intrepidly bold adventurer in the realms of speculative fiction, who can take the reader along with him to extraordinary places, offering glimpses of a what-might-be future of ruined metropolises and a climate out of kilter and of an earth doomed to hear the sounds of humanity’s sand-timer running swiftly out of so much as a grain of hope.

Beyond Closure

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent
A really good read, Valerie creates excellent well rounded characters, mentioning in particular the scenes with Simon and his mentor Daphne. One aspect of the story explores grief and the amazing distortions that the mind can conjure, which I found fascinating, and gave a strong drive to the narrative.

Doom of Stars

‘Greetings! Dear readers. I recently came across this marvellous science fiction by Martyn Rhys Vaughan, and I must say that this is really fantastic in every way. The storyline is just so gripping and the plot is perfectly created.Turn the pages to witness the dystopian situation, an era of great apocalypse.’

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